Bill Walton Reacts To Incredible SNL impression Of Him In The Most Bill Walton Way Possible


Saturday Night Live has done it again! This time James Austin Johnson joined Michael Che for a segment and impersonated the great Bill Walton.

The center who was among the best and most dominant bigs in league history during his prime, is still loved by NBA fans for his hippie-being, spirituality and general weirdness.



In the skit, Johnson absolutely nails Walton’s voice, cadence, cloths and expressions, as well as his catchphrases.

It even led to Walton himself reacting to the skit, when seeing the impersonation, in the most Bill Walton way possible:


“there I was, alone in my hotel room, in glorious Oregon,

trying to come down, from the veritable quandaries of yet another scintillating buzzer beating ending to a Conference of Champions BB game,

I had the TV on,

suddenly, I was watching and listening to myself,

and it all came into focus, and everything was crystal clear,

as I drifted and dreamed my way into another perfect night of being comfortably numb

on a series of white puffy cumulus clouds,

floating my way once again to The Promised Land,

in wondrous anticipation of Throw It Down.”


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