BIGHOPZ Basketball Sock Review


BIGHOPZ Basketball Sock Review


BIGHOPZ are an Australian based brand that produce high quality basketball socks. Gongfu Tea Cup
decided to try them out and I’m impressed.


DESIGN: These socks have a nice, smooth design. They come in a range of colours. These socks are nice on the eye, featuring some nice dots and a basketball ( because that’s what we’re all about ) on the back of the sock.


CUSHIONING: The cushioning on these socks is awesome. It features amazing, soft heel and toe support. Added ankle cushioning for those of you who wear ankle braces and they also feature supportive arch compressions. These things are very comfortable. Even the elastic on top of the socks is nice and comfortable.



DURABILITY: I’ve washed my pair a few times already, and they’re still holding up awesomely. They’re made to last.


THE WRAP UP: (note: this website is based on Australian currency, so the price may adjust depending on what country you live in) Check out BIGHOPZ: BIGHOPZ on Facebook.

Visit the BIGHOPZ website at this link.

If you use the code, ‘starting5’ you can get 40% off five pairs or more.

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