Best Earning NBA Players In The 2017/18 Season

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Best Earning NBA Players In The 2017/18 Season


The new season tips off in 21 days, and it’s always interesting to see who the best earning players are.

Kobe Bryant for example led this list for many years, but ever since he retired, there has been a lot of momevent in the Top 20.

This year’s best earning players are:

1. Stephen Curry $34,682,550
2. LeBron James $33,285,709
3. Paul Millsap $30,769,231
4. Gordon Hayward $29,727,900
5. Blake Griffin $29,512,900
6. Kyle Lowry $28,703,704
7. Mike Conley $28,530,608
8. James Harden $28,299,399
8. Russell Westbrook $28,299,399
10. DeMar DeRozan $27,739,975
11. Al Horford $27,734,405
12. Carmelo Anthony $26,243,760
13. Damian Lillard $26,153,057
14. Chris Bosh $25,289,390
15. Kevin Durant $25,000,000
16. Otto Porter $24,773,250
17. Jrue Holiday $24,666,667
18. Chris Paul $24,268,959
19. CJ McCollum $23,962,573
20 Anthony Davis $23,775,506

As you can see, most of the players have a chance to be named All Star, so you can say that their spot in this Top 20 is somewhat justified.

One player who most likely won’t play at all next season is still on the list; Chris Bosh. After two championships with Miami, Chris Bosh was diagnosed with blot clots in his legs and lungs. This disease as well as blood thinning treatment can cause individuals to stop breathing, or cause significant damage to the heart. But Bosh still has a guaranteed contract that would pay him $25.3 million next season and $26.8 million for the 2018-19 season. Most of his contract is covered by insurance and his contract will no longer count against the Heat’s salary cap.

But there are a lot of great players missing, some of them are even far back on this list. So here are some superstars who did not make the Top 20:

Kevin Love lands on the 29th spot, with a 2017/18 salary of $22,642,350. Giannis Antetokounmpo will earn $22,471,911 next season, which will make him the 33rd best paid player next season. Paul George‘s $19,300,000 rank him 43rd, while Kyrie Irving ($18,868,626), Kawhi Leonard ($18,868,625) and Jimmy Butler ($18,696,918) are ranked 45 through 47. John Wall is 50th with $18,063,850, but not for long. Wall just signed a contract extension and his salary will more than double, once the 2019/20 season starts. Klay Thompson comes in at 54 with a salary of $17,826,150, while big men DeMarcus Cousins (63th; $16,784,031) and Draymond Green (65th $16,400,000) are even further back on the list. Kemba Walker only ranks 102nd on the list with a salary of $12,000.000. Isaiah Thomas is the worst ranked All Star who isn’t on his rookie contract, as he comes in at only 166, with a salary of $6,261,394.

As always, there are some players who aren’t playing good enough to justify their salary. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Chandler Parsons ($23,112,004) and J.J Reddick (23,000,000) rank 26th and 27th, Ryan Anderson ($19,578,455) 42nd, Allen Crabbe (18,500,000) 49th, Joakim Noah ($17,765,000) 55th, and Luol Deng ($17,190,000) 57th.

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