Ben Simmons’ Shooting Is Even Worse Than You Thought

Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP

Ben Simmons’ Shooting Is Even Worse Than You Thought


Ben Simmons’ rookie season has been one of the best rookie seasons in recent history. Everyone who was watching him plays knows that he could develop into a generational type of star. He’s got all the assets one needs to become that superstar in this league, besides a decent jumpshot.

The series against the Boston Celtics, in this year’s playoffs, was the hardest time in Ben Simmons’ young, yet amazing, NBA career. He struggled with his shot (even more than in the regular season), and wasn’t able to bring his a-game onto the court.

Even Kobe Bryant, who said that Simmons should rebuild the mechanics of his jump shot entirely, or Jalen Rose, who believes that Simmons, who shoots the ball left-handed, is shooting with the wrong hand, gave their input on how to improve the jumper.

Simmons then said that he will work on his shot, but not as drastically as suggested.


“I think minor things. But changing the whole shot, no. I think just working on it, adjusting to where I want the ball, loosening my shoulder up, also. Just getting shots up.”


But now, through the first weeks of this season, Ben Simmons hasn’t been able to show an improvement. On the contrary; it’s even worse than last year.

Even though opposing defenses give him plenty of space, the further away from the basket he gets, Simmons isn’t even shooting 30 percent when he’s more than five feet away from the rim.



Ben Simmons can’t shoot! The good thing?! He’s dominating anyway…

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