Ben Simmons Didn’t Play, But Grew 2 Inches This Season; Now Is A 7-Footer

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Ben Simmons Didn’t Play, But Grew 2 Inches This Season; Now Is A 7-Footer


Ben Simmons, the Philadelphia 76ers’ number one draft pick hasn’t played a single game this past season due to a broken foot he suffered during training camp.

Everyone was already excited for him to play, because of the abilities he was showing during his time at LSU, as well as during last year’s Summer League. At 6’10” with point guard like handles, and his incredible passing ability, everyone knew that he will be a special player.

But apparently, Ben Simmons continues to grow (literally). According to World B. Free, the Sixers director of player development, Simmons continues to grow and is looking like Magic Johnson out there.


“It seems like Ben Simmons grew about another two inches since he’s been here. I told him that the other day, I said, ‘Ben, you look like you’ve grown another two inches since you’ve been here.’ His arms are long, he’s lean, he’s in shape. When I watched him in practice — just in practice — he’s like a baby Magic Johnson”



Other sources confirm Free’s statement.



The latest picture from the NBA’s Media Day this past week, also reveal that this may be true. At least it isn’t far off.


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