Basketball Pundits Believe The Los Angeles Lakers Dodged A Bullet By Missing Out On Klay Thompson


Both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks were leading the race to acquire Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors. While some reports indicated the Lakers held the advantage, Thompson ultimately signed with the Mavericks.

The Lakers front office made a strong bid by offering $20 million per year and including D’Angelo Russell in the trade proposal. Still, Thompson chose the Mavericks for less money, with the Warriors accepting only two second-round picks.   

Some see this as a fumble for the Lakers, especially since LeBron James was even willing to take a pay cut for Thompson. However, others argue that the Lakers may have avoided a costly mistake by not landing the former Warriors superstar.


“Sentimentally it would’ve been great to see him in the same uniform that his dad won a championship in while LeBron & Bronny are playing together, but beyond that, I don’t understand why the Lakers would want Klay Thompson.”



“Lakers dodged a bullet trying to hard cap themselves by trying to give DLo away for Klay.

How does losing an 18 point 40 percent 3 point shooter make you significantly better trading for an older player averaging 18 and shooting 40 percent too? I just don’t understand this front office.

Went from LeBron will take less to get Klay for the mid level to lets trade DLo for them and hardcap ourselves.”



I’d rather have Buddy Hield or Gary Trent Jr in 2024 & beyond than “Klay Thompson”. Lakers dodged a massive bullet.



“3/50m for Klay. Bullet dodged



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