Austin Reaves And Rui Hachimura For Lauri Markkanen? Lakers Dream Of Landing The Jazz Forward


The Los Angeles Lakers are gearing up for a busy offseason following their disappointing first-round loss to the Denver Nuggets. While the headline news is the change in head coach, significant player changes are expected to follow soon.

Amidst these developments, a rumor has it that Lauri Markkanen has emerged as the Lakers’ dream target this offseason. Since his trade to the Jazz, the Finnish sensation has blossomed into a more formidable offensive threat, earning both All-Star and Most Improved Player honors.

Markkanen would be an ideal addition for the Lakers, who need a player capable of spacing the floor for LeBron James and Anthony Davis, as well as creating his own shots when necessary. However, will the Jazz be willing to part with Markkanen, and do the Lakers have the assets to make it happen? One NBA general manager weighs in.



“There are a few teams that, when you look at it, he is going to be their dream target,” the GM said. “The Lakers, you get a guy like him with Anthony Davis, and that’s perfect for both guys. The Knicks would love to get hold of him. The Heat, again, put him with Bam (Adebayo) and that is the pair you want to build around, you can send Jimmy (Butler) wherever he wants.”

“The problem for the Lakers, the best offer is going to be Rui (Hachimura) and Austin Reaves and two first-rounders, let’s say. Well, if I am Oklahoma City, I can beat that. If I am Houston, I can beat that. The Warriors can beat it—it’s a long list,” the GM said.

“So the only way that happens is maybe other teams get worried about his injury history and the Lakers are sitting there with the best offer. If Utah knows they’re not gonna extend him, you’d have to consider it. I do think they extend him, but still, you’ve got to consider it.”


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