The Atlanta Hawks Won Twitter Last Night

Photo Credit: Associated Press

The Atlanta Hawks Won Twitter Last Night


As we’ve got to witness last season, the Atlanta Hawks have one of the best social media departments in the entire NBA. Before the start of the 2017 NBA Draft last night, they possibly had the tweet of the year.

NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski has the best connections to basically all NBA teams. Whenever a trade, deal, or free-agent signing is reported, Wojnarowski is the first to deliver the news. His news-breaking tweets even got their own nickname – ‘Woj-bomb’ with its own entry in the urban dictionary:


“A breaking report made by prominent NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports that comes out of nowhere to have a huge impact on the landscape of the NBA”


Before last night’s draft, the Atlanta based NFL team ‘Atlanta Falcons’ asked their NBA brother, the ‘Atlanta Hawks’, who they will be adding to the Atlanta family.

The Hawks responded with one of the best tweets I’ve seen this year.



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