Are The Golden State Warriors The Favorites To Land Paul George? NBA Insiders Weigh In


Following disappointing seasons, the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers face similar challenges this offseason. The Clippers are reportedly not aligned with Paul George on contract extensions, while the Warriors might be on the verge of losing Klay Thompson.

Thompson is a key figure in the Warriors’ history, but his best days seem to be behind him. Shortly, Golden State needs to make a win-now move. If Klay walks and the Clippers can’t resolve their issues with George, could Golden State pivot and pursue him as a replacement?

NBA insiders are hinting at the possibility. NBA insider Brett Siegel points out that the Warriors are a team to watch for George if Thompson leaves.



Renowned NBA analyst Bill Simmons is also on the same page, suggesting that the Warriors have the means to acquire the Clippers forward.

Per Bill Simmons Podcast, transcribed by Heavy Sports:


“The team that has been floating around — and I don’t know how real it is, but I think there’s and equal sense of desperation on their side — is Golden State.

So on June 28, they either have to guarantee Chris Paul’s contract for next season, which is $30 million, or they have to buy it out for $5 million. So it’s still a trade asset.

The Clippers … are a second-apron team, and it gets really hard to make trades with second-apron teams. The Warriors would also be a second-apron team if they kept Klay Thompson. But if they get rid of Klay Thompson, all of the sudden, they’re not. Which means that there are two possible Clipper trades that they could do for Paul George. One is they could combine Chris Paul, that contract Clippers would have to guarantee it next year, with [Jonathan] Kuminga [and] with Gary Payton II for Paul George.”


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