Anthony Edwards Addresses Michael Jordan Comparisons: “He’s The Greatest Of All Time”


In the world of basketball, comparisons between current players and legends of the game are inevitable. However, Minnesota Timberwolves’ rising star Anthony Edwards has recently made it clear that he wants the comparisons to Michael Jordan to stop.

During an interview with Melissa Rohlin of FOX Sports, Edwards expressed his discomfort with the constant parallels being drawn between him and the NBA icon.


“I want it to stop,” Edwards stated firmly. “He’s the greatest of all time. I can’t be compared to him.”


Edwards’ plea comes after a series of performances that have drawn widespread attention and acclaim. His looks, on-court prowess and celebratory antics have fueled the comparisons to Jordan, but Edwards insists on carving out his own legacy.

The young guard’s humility and respect for Jordan’s unparalleled achievements in the sport are evident. “No, no pressure,” Edwards said when asked if the comparisons added any pressure to his game. “It’s just not possible.”

As the NBA playoffs continue, all eyes will be on Edwards to see how he shapes his career and whether he can lead the Timberwolves to glory. But one thing is certain: Anthony Edwards is determined to make a name for himself, not as the next Michael Jordan, but as the first Anthony Edwards.

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