Alperen Sengun Praises Dillon Brooks As A Teammate, Admits It Was Awful Playing Against Him Before


Dillon Brooks stands as one of the most controversial players in the NBA, mainly due to his role as a trash-talking villain who guards the top players, makes rough plays, and often becomes a nuisance on the court.

Despite his character, Brooks is still a major asset to a team. This is why the Rockets snapped him up with a hefty contract in the offseason, and Brooks is now enjoying a solid season with the team, proving himself beyond the criticism from his disappointing performance in last year’s playoffs.

Now, Rockets player Alperen Sengun gives his take on what it’s like to have Brooks as a teammate. On “Podcast P,” Sengun admitted that playing against Brooks was awful, but he implied that having him as a teammate is beneficial in many ways. 


“Playing against him sucks…you never know what’s going to happen…if you are on the same team with him, he’s a great person.”


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