Allen Iverson On The Michael Jordan-LeBron James Debate: “LeBron James Is The One”

Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Allen Iverson On The Michael Jordan-LeBron James Debate: “LeBron James Is The One”


Allen Iverson is one of the few all-time greats who had the chance to match up with two of the greatest players of all-time in Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He entered the league when Jordan and the Bulls were still dominating, and played long enough to witness James climb his way to stardom.

Now sitting down with rapper Fat Joe on Instagram, Iverson gave his opinion on the on-going debate between the two players. 

During the conversation, the 2001 MVP expressed his admiration for Jordan and went on to label James as ‘the one’.


“Like, as much as I love Michael Jordan, like… Man, LeBron James is the one,” Iverson said. “He the one, man.”



While that sounds like Iverson is taking James over Jordan, Iverson didn’t clarify what he meant by ‘the one’. It’s unknown whether he was referring to James as the better player, or if he was just being complimentary to Los Angeles Lakers superstar being comparable to the six-time champion.

Back in 2018, Iverson already settled the ‘GOAT’ debate between James and Jordan in his piece inThe Player’s Tribune’. Touching on the topic, Iverson spoke out that James is one of the best players of all-time, but admitted that Jordan is the rightful owner of the ‘GOAT’ mantra. 

Jordan got a flawless resume and James is doing a good job filling up his own. Regardless of who Iverson picks as the better player, Iverson has nothing but love for the two.

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