Allen Iverson On His Crossover Against Michael Jordan 27 Years Ago: “We Were In A War”


When we think of Allen Iverson, we probably all have the same career highlights of him in mind: His cross- and stepover against Tyronn Lue in the 2001 Finals, his ‘We talking bout practice’ speech and the famous crossover of him against Michael Jordan from his rookie season.

This infamous crossover, possibly the most famous crossover in NBA history celebrated its 27th anniversary yesterday.



When Allen Iverson was a guest at Steven Colbert’s ‘The Late Show’ a while back, he was asked about this famous crossover on Michael and revealed that he and Jordan were in a war that night.


“Still, today, little kids, five and six years old, come up to me and they don’t say, ‘Are you Allen Iverson?’ They say, ‘You’re the guy who crossed up Michael Jordan, aren’t you?’ It was a special moment in my career because that was my idol … That night, we were just in a war. When you’re in a war, as much as you love the person you’re playing against, my Philly teammates and Philly fans, I was on their side.”


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