Aaron Brooks – I Can’t Believe He Once Played That Well

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Aaron Brooks – I Can’t Believe He Once Played That Well


Phoenix Suns – Guangdong Southern Tigers (China) – Sacramento Kings – Houston Rockets – Denver Nuggets – Chicago Bulls- Indiana Pacers- Minnesota Timberwolves
This isn’t a list of my favorite teams but a list of teams Brooks played for since his MIP “meant to be breakout” season 2009-2010 with the Houston Rockets.

Backup PG, Bench Player, Role Player. That’s the story of Aaron Brooks and that probably will be how people remember him after he retires.

Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t hating but as of now he is 33 years old and hasn’t found a team for this current season. And that is for a reason: His 41% FG career percentage shows his non existent efficiency and his career 3.0 assists average shows him as someone that is more comfortable creating for himself than for others. His defense also hasn’t been his strong suit throughout his career. On the plus, he is a good 3 point shooter (37% for his career), an explosive scorer he has a good dribble penetration and self-starting offense.

BUT: In the 2009-2010 campaign he played way better than what we are used to now, becoming only the sixth player (back then) in NBA history to make over 200 3-pointers and over 400 assists in a single season. That season resuted in him being announced the leagues most improved player (MIP) (edging out Kevin Durant, George Hill and Marc Gasol), with season averages of 19.6 PPG and 5.3 AST while starting all 82 games. That was an incredible season that he couldn’t replicate. Aaron Brooks is one of the NBA’s best one-hit wonders…


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