A Tribute To California’s Youth Basketball: The LA Clippers’ Jersey Exhibit Is Almost Complete 


As the Intuit Dome prepares to open its doors this August, the LA Clippers are set to unveil a remarkable exhibit that celebrates the rich history of youth basketball in California. The display, which features an impressive collection of 1,544 basketball jerseys from every high school team across the state, is a testament to the passion and dedication of young athletes throughout California.

The initiative, spearheaded by Clippers president of business operations and CEO of Halo Sports & Entertainment, Gillian Zucker, aims to honor the state’s youth basketball legacy. The jerseys, each representing a different high school team, are being displayed on walls throughout the $1.8-billion Intuit Dome.

The exhibit has already garnered significant attention and pride from Californians. Fans and alumni alike have been eagerly searching for their alma mater’s jersey among the thousands on display. The sight of a jersey from one’s high school is not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane but also a moment of shared community spirit.

The LA Clippers’ commitment to community engagement doesn’t stop at the jersey exhibit. The Intuit Dome will also feature a regulation court that can seat up to 700 spectators, providing schools with a venue for games and fostering local talent. Additionally, there’s a regulation court outside the arena for pick-up games, further encouraging community involvement in basketball.

As of now, only 21 schools have yet to respond to the request of sending in their jerseys. The Clippers’ relentless pursuit to include every high school team in this historic display is a clear indication of their dedication to recognizing and celebrating California’s youth basketball culture.


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