A Meaningless Jamal Murray Three At The Buzzer Won A Bettor $215,000

Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

A Meaningless Jamal Murray Three At The Buzzer Won A Bettor $215,000


Yesterday, we reported about an irrelevant Danuel House three pointer in the final seconds of the game, that turned relevant for a lot of fans and bettors, and ended up costing them millions of dollars.

But these things can also go both ways, just like in Sunday’s Game 4 between the Jazz and the Nuggets. Even though they played game 5 last night, we have to go back to Game 4, because the story just is too crazy to not talk about it.

In the closing seconds of the Nuggets’ loss, Jamal Murray hit a meaningless three pointer that would bring his total for the night above 50.



One fan though, likely was extremely happy about the made three as he won big time. The spread of the game was Jazz minus-3.5 or 4, meaning Utah had to win by 3.5 or 4 points or more, and they were right there at 129-124 with the game practically over. This three caused a $215,000 swing for one bettor who’ll likely consider this meaningless three as his shot of the year.

Per Yahoo Sports:


“According to Elisa Richardson, head of communications and public relations at BetMGM, one client had two big bets on the Nuggets at +3.5. One was a $55,000 bet at -110 odds and the other was a $60,000 bet at -120 odds.

That bettor was looking at losing $115,000. Murray’s shot changed the loss to a $100,000 win. That $215,000 swing is inconceivable to most bettors. And surely there were plenty of people with Jazz tickets who were beside themselves, although probably not invested for six figures.”


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