43 Years Ago Today, Larry Bird Made The First Ever Three In An NBA All-Star Game

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

The three-point line in the NBA is one of the most defining aspects of the sport and has changed the way the game is played more than expected, when it was first introduced during the 1979-80 season.

The implementation of the three-point line was a response to the changing style of play in the NBA. The game was becoming more perimeter-oriented with players taking more shots from the outside, and teams were looking for ways to counteract this trend. The three-point line allowed teams to score more points with a single shot, which encouraged teams to take more outside shots and helped to spread the floor.

Before the introduction of the three-point line, the average number of three-point shots taken per game was just over two. After its implementation, the number of three-point shots taken per game has steadily increased, and in recent years, the average number of three-point shots taken per game has been well over 30. This highlights the significant impact that the three-point line has had on the game of basketball.

While on October 12, 1979, during the first game of the 79-80 NBA Season – Boston was playing against Houston – Chris Ford hit the first 3-pointer in NBA history, it was his teammate Larry Bird, who fittingly was the first player to make a three in the All-Star Game exactly 43 years ago today.

On February 3, 1980 the rookie drained one from the corner in the East’s 144-136 overtime victory at the Capital Center.


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