Shaqtin’ A Fool – 11/16/2017

Photo Credit: NBA on TNT

Shaqtin’ A Fool – 11/16/2017


The newest episode of our favorite TV-show, Shaqtin’ A Fool, is a great one filled with stars.

This weeks nominees are LeBron James who gave up on defense even though it was a tight game. Tyreke Evans who is having a great season, but had one of the worst passes ever. We’ve got a referee nominated in Kenny Mauer. He tripped and fell in the ‘endzone’ for the touchdown. We also have a rare Shaqtin’ appearance of Mr.Process himself. Joel Embiid is nominated for breaking his own ankles. Finally, the last nominee doesn’t even play in the NBA, but in Australia. Rodney Clark had the worst free throw ever.


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